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Nutrivore Eats

Taino Farm is a beautiful place to work and live. Sustainability is essential for success here because resources are precious and the margin for error is very small. Wasting time, money, water, etc. impacts the Taino Farm community in a big way. Sustainability in agriculture is quite a popular topic on the blogosphere these days […]

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Why are People Obsessed with Coconuts?

The darling of the health and wellness industry is versatile, sweet, anti-inflammatory, and abundant here in the Dominican Republic. And why else are they so popular? First of all, coconuts include minerals to support hydration. This is key to maintaining your health in a tropical climate! Coconut also serves as an immunity booster. The anti-bacterial, […]

Drip Irrigation in the Caribbean

Farming in the Dominican Republic requires a lot of watering. Drip irrigation reduces the amount of water used and the time spent hand watering. To keep the pressure constant, the aim is to create a circular drip irrigation system that can have sections shut off when not in use. Long lengths of pipe that don’t […]