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Adjusting our Floating Raft Aquaponics System

When I first arrived to Taino farm the first thing I noticed about the aquaponics system was the amount of tomatoes. I had never seen tomatoes grown in a Floating Raft system and the ones growing did not look healthy, I soon realized why. Tomatoes and other fruiting plants such as cucumbers and peppers can […]

Introduction to Aquaponics

Introduction to Aquaponics Aquaponics is the re-creation of a natural ecosystem with the focus of manipulating the Nitrogen cycle to work for your growing needs. It is the combination of Aquaculture (the growing of fish) and Hydroponics (the growing of plants in a soil-less media). The three most important organisms in an aquaponic system are […]

Update February – Moringa

The farm uses a ton of moringa. Moringa is an incredible plant, and has various nicknames. It grows like a weed and has a ton of uses, and is a fantastic source of vegetable protien. We use it for various uses, from feeing the fish in our aquapoincs system, feeding our happy chickens, to feeding […]

Introducing farm intern Brendan

Hello All! My name is Brendan Cormier and I have been working at Taino Farm for 2 months now and have fallen in love with the farm here and have no intention of leaving any time soon. So I have started this blog to inform interested people about growing Tilapia in an aquaponics in the […]

Daily Update: Tilapia breeding and feed

Tilapia Fish waste solids from the filtration system What is happening to the Tilapia waste solids from the water filtration system in the commercial production aquapoincs system? The solids are being used to fertilize the nearby tropical fruit trees. Previously the Tilapia fish waste solids were meant to be going into the duckweed grow bed […]