Taino Farms is located 20 minutes south west of the surf town of Cabarete in the small farming town of Los Brazos. The Taino River snakes through the middle of the farm’s 40 acres.

The images below illustrate where the land is situated, the existing structures on the site, the topography, water channels, seasonal sun and shade paths, and the existing planted areas.

Located on the North Coast of the Island if Hispanola, Taino Farms receives rain year round and actually experiences four different seasons. Fruit and veggies often have two harvesting periods. Our favorite time of year is mango season which is from May to August of each year… :

Existing Areas

Above is a map of our current permaculture projects on site. We have just gotten started, and have lots planned for the new year. If you have the opportunity to come visit us, you will get to see some of the projects in action like our seeding greenhouse, the dense garden, irrigated vines, irrigated orchard, jungle farm, cow pasture, and bee hives. Or be a part of the transformation and education, and join us for one of our permaculture courses this coming year!

topographical map

Basic Topography of Taino Farm

water map

Water and Irrigation


Sun Paths – 4 seasons


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