Taino Farm is a permaculture inspired, agro-tourism demonstration and education center inspiring sustainable, nutritious food, hidden away on a tropical river outside the surf town of Cabarete, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

The Taino Organic Farm is cutting edge for the region, with modern aquaponics and water management systems, vermiculture, as well as apiculture and aquaculture.

The systems are so advanced for the Dominican Republic that some of the country’s best Universities take field trips out to visit the farm to learn more about it’s systems.

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Our mission is to be a sustainable community that serves to educate and inspire responsible tourism, agriculture, and healthy living.

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Learn more about our day to day operations, events, discoverings and stories from our visitors at the Taíno Farm.

tilapia on aquaponics farmCodevasf November 1, 2012
New NFT hydroponics system in Taino FarmTaylor Clifford, 2021
Waste Management Dominican RepublicGobierno Danilo Medina, September 17, 2015
solar panels for residential projectPete Jelliffe October 6, 2007