Aquaponics in Colombia

Aquaponics Abroad!

Recently, some of our farm team members went to Colombia to learn more about Aquaponics. The week long course covered some great topics. Our team learned more about raising healthy guppies. Vital information for any aquponics farm to have. After all, healthy guppies means a healthy aquaponics system.

We learn more about what processes were learned that will help our own farm thrive. Juan covers some important information about fish nutrition as well. There was a lot to be learned in a week in Colombia where the sole focus was aquaponics. We caught up with Juan and asked him to share some of his favorite things learned.

Watch this video below to hear more about it from Juan!

More about Juan:

Juan has been with Taino Farm for 7 years. He is from Los Brazos, the town where Taino Farm is located. He grew up around plants, and loves the knowledge he has been able to develop throughout working in the aquaponics field. He hopes to keep evolving better plant growth strategies that incorporate the aquaponics system. Currently, Juan is overseeing a project that uses compost in conjunction with the aquaponics grow beds.

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