How Serena Tzukino planted inspiration seeds at Taino Farm

By Serena Tzukino

Serena Yzukino - Inspiration at Taino Farm

Where is my inspiration?

In the blue of the sea, in the white of its foam, in the flow of the river, in the green of the mountain, in the footprints I leave in the sand when walking on the beach, in the breeze of the wind, in the smell of the flowers or in the smile of others. I used to find my inspiration in the currents of the rivers, in the energy of the water by caressing the stones and the infinite horizon, in little explored and exploited corners of the world. I suddenly lost it. I thought it was hidden in a reef, in that beautiful place where you only hear the silence to the beat of your breath. 

But I have found it. I have been inspired by the footprints I leave when I walk the earth and the love I have for the planet that shelters me.

Hi, I am Yatziri, better known as Serena Tzukino. I want to share my story and how Taino Farm is changing my life. A couple of weeks ago I arrived in the Dominican Republic to be part of the Extreme family, to which Taino Farm belongs. 

Taino Farm is a self-sustaining agriculture education center focused on permaculture, aquaponics, vermiculture and beekeeping. In the future, I will tell you about each topic in depth. The Finca inspires me, and not only the beauty of the natural place, I am inspired by the respect that it has to mother earth, every person and every action, from those who plant the seeds to those who water them and care for them daily, the decision to separate the waste to feed the worms (vermiculture) and make natural compost to nourish the earth.  I am inspired by those who harvest, wash and package, distribute, and who make their ideas a reality. Taino Farm wants to share its knowledge and passion for living in harmony with our surroundings.

I came to Taino Farm looking for my inspiration.

The first time something inspired me was love; myself, my mother and family. Growing up I was inspired and passionate about dancing, connecting my body to the rhythm of life and taking control of my breathing. In my youth, teaching gave me a reason to start my day sharing what I knew. After a few years, I found it, inspiration, in the water. Although I had always been fascinated by the sea, I found it kayaking in what I call mother earth’s veins, the rivers. Later on, I found it again in diving, I love those hidden places where there is a peculiar life. I love sports in contact with nature, without combustion, those free of engines where cunning, intelligence and brute force take precedence; those that connect with your present. 

I kept changing and in my evolution it got lost. There was nothing I was passionate about, I couldn’t taste my days, even after I was dead. And I wanted to return, I didn’t want this life, I felt like a zombie that gets up every day doing the same routine. 

9 months ago, in a little-explored part of the world, 13 meters under the sea, doing free diving, I hurt an ear. I was exploring inside a wreck and I got lost, I lost a good part of hearing on my right side and I gained a constant sound called tinnitus. From then on, my life changed. I have tried different treatments and surgery but what has worked for me has been paying attention to my food.

One day sitting in front of the sea, watching, listening, wanting but not being able to enter… Have you experienced the feeling of wanting to do something you should not do for your own well-being? that moment when patience is tested? With that helplessness of not having to be mad at myself or not realizing it, I decided to make peace with life. It’s certainly the hardest decision of my life, I gave in. It was a moment similar to being down in the sea inside the boat, with no more air and no way out. That time I gave in, I gave in to the situation, I accepted it and as I let it flow the panorama was clarified and I found the way out. This time I surrendered to myself and my circumstances, to the reactions of my actions, I changed my perspective, the truth is a day-to-day job.  At that moment of meditation, when I was looking for my way out, I felt love, and after a thunder in my belly, the blue of the sea was not as satisfying as the sensation of sand between my hands, suddenly the leaves of the trees shone brighter.

That day I was surrounded by mangroves and it was full moon, at that moment I decided that I would change my lifestyle, at that moment I found the exit and knew that my inspiration was not lost. When I came home I sat in front of the computer looking for a new job. Something to do with the land, I felt ready to plant inspiration and reap love, to live with passion every day. That same day Taino Farm had uploaded a post looking for someone who would like to share her experience and her love for Mother Earth. 

The first contact I had with Taino Farm was Robbie, the creator of the idea Taino Farm. Robbie is a peculiar character, full of passion and love for what he does, also a person who made the decision and control to give a radical change to his life coming out of his comfort zone.

He has so many incredible stories that I would like to share with you, but it will be on the following blog. I want to end this by sharing how happy I am in this new life project. What I have learned of this beautiful island, I find fascinating. Even though I’ve turned the world upside down a couple of times, life never ceases to amaze me. 

There’s so much I want to tell you about the Dominican Republic and the Extreme family. Now I’m focused on designing and building the cabin where I’m going to live, trying to reuse as much of the materials around me as I can. I am fascinated. I have all the vegetables to make of my food my medicine; exotic and delicious fruits full of nutrients and a few steps from my cabin, a beautiful crystal clear turquoise river. I am just 30 minutes away from the beautiful sea where there are beaches to surf, kite, swim or just take a quiet walk on the beach and take some sun. Part of the eXtreme Collective is the eXtreme Hotel, that has a circus area, the Yoga Loft with ocean views, swimming pool, an outdoor fitness center, and restaurants where they cook delicious meals and the employees make me feel like we’re all friends.

This place is a paradise and I will share in detail my experience with the hope that all those who have lost the inspiration will make the decision to find it and sow what they need to live loving life and with passion every day.

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