Aquaponics Systems

Our aquaponics system started off at the extreme hotel  and was very different from what we have today.

We have created a breeding room  to produce our own tilapia, changed the shape of our fish tanks and moved from mainly media based beds to raft beds in our commercial grow beds as well as realizing we needed sump tanks.

Below you can see how the system looks at the moment.

Breeding room


Commercial tanks

Commercial grow beds

Food production

another thing that has changed a lot is the way we feed our fish. We have gone from one size commercial feed for everything to a much more complex (and sustainable) system. Different feeds for different ages is very important. they vary in size and nutrient levels so when we try to produce our own it’s important to keep these levels the same. We use moringa, duckweed and black soldier flies to supplement their diet and when we are producing enough worms in our vermiculture system those can also be used.