We are proud to be one of a few tropical Vermiculture gardens in the Dominican Republic!

Vermiculture is worm composting, as worms are one of the hardest working creators in the planet. By composting with Red Wiggler worms, we are able to release nutrients from our compost and make the nutrients readily available to our plants.

It is literally turning manure into black gold! Worm castings, also known as humus or worm manure reduces contaminants and increases the update of nutrients to the plants – resulting in much better food for us to eat at our farm to table restaurant in Cabarete!

The difference in plant grown and the plants ability to fight off pest and disease in astounding. You can literally see the plants perk up after we connect the worm tea.

We have a mixture of Red Wiggler and African Night crawler worms, and they also supply feed for the tilapia in our Aquaponics system and our Free Range Chickens.  There is no harder working creature on the farm than our worms.