Education at Taino Farm is an organic and hands on experience.  We strive to teach and inspire people from around the world. The experience on the farm is always about hard work and having fun. From weekend workshops on specific topics, to full PDC courses, to our Internship/Volunteer program offered over a span of three months, our intention is to bring a little bit of change to our world through permaculture and alternative agriculture education.


2 week focused Design Phase, December 2012 – January 2013

Students from the 8 day introductory course were welcomed to stay on to sharpen their  design and planning skills over an additional two week period. It was a great learning opportunity and a chance to put our ideas into action. We designed a full site plan for Taino Farm and then proceeded with the first implementation phases. The first stage: to build outdoor shower houses, a covered living deck beside the river, and to being intensive work on our annual garden.

The Official Farm Design built upon existing aspects of the farm

Eight-Day Permaculture Introduction Course December 13 – 21, 2012

Taino Farm hosted an intensive introduction to permaculture, followed by a two week informal planning and design phase.

Students had the opportunity to learn about permaculture design and implementation from accredited professional, Doug Crouch of TreeYo Permaculture. Over a span of eight days, participants learned the basics of permaculture in both a classroom and hands on environment. Living up at the farm was quite the experience. We bonded, laughed, got really dirty, took swims in the Yassica river whenever we could, and then took what we learned and applied it to the intensive design phase that followed.

permaculture at taino farms

Sleeping hut, fresh farm produce, cana roof

Check out the course schedule to see how the week flowed!

72 Hour PDC, Fall 2011

The First PDC that Taino Farms hosted was for local agriculture enthusiasts in the Cabarete and Los Brazos area. We wanted to train up our team of farmers on the site, as well as some of our core team down at Extreme Hotel. Since we have a permaculture garden at the hotel, and we practice sustainable hospitality and tourism there, this was a very valuable experience for our crew. Since then, the primary farmers at Taino Farm have been able to continue daily practices in line with permaculture principles, and poco a poco, the site has flourished into an excellent example of functioning permaculture.



First 72 Hour PDC was held in 2011

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