Community education with children in Los Brazos (3 month program)
Soil assessment
Irrigation (addition of canals and ponds to eliminate flooding in the rainy season)
Rare tropical fruit tree planting
Overarching Permaculture site design
Construction of 2 agro-tourism casitas
Construction of 2 chicken tractors
Construction of a small scale, commercial grade aquaponics system at Extreme Hotel   Construction of a commercial scale aquaponics system at Taino Farm                      Construction of farm house with communal space, bathroom and kitchen

Vermiculture system                                                                                                     Maintenance of aquaponics nursery and commercial scale system                                              Expanding aquaponics system
Main garden bed area planting and maintenance                                                               Expanding main garden                                                                                                        Eradicating invasive grass species – about 3-5 acres remaining
Chicken tractor rotation                                                                                                                  Chicken breeding
Hot compost pile creation
Sun oven for creative cooking, and food preservation                                                     Rainwater collection tanks for all metal roofs                                                                    Building a 3rd agro-tourism casita

Future:                                                                                                                                                Composting toilets near huts                                                                                                            Solar heated shower house near huts                                                                                             Water collection system off main farm house                                                                                  Drip irrigation system to main garden                                                                                       Roof structure to collect water for an existing large cistern                                                           Outdoor kitchen in zone one                                                                                                             Undercover multi-use area for events, teaching space, and tents                                               More agro-tourism huts and casitas                                                                                                 Cob hut                                                                                                                                                Moringa drying with solar dehydrator                                                                                              Essential oil production                                                                                                     Rainwater runoff system (swales and canals)                                                                       Cheese and yogurt production