Q: When’s the best time to plant fruit trees?

A: Five years a go.
The second best time is right now, so we got to it. Here’s a detailed description on How to Plant Bread Fruit Trees:
Bread Fruit is such a huge producer of food and low in manual labour because it’s a fruit tree. It’s a great substitute for potatoes or any other starchy vegetable, and whats more, you can mix it with some cinnamon blend it up and you’ve got pancake mix.
The fastest way to start a new tree is to find a root shoot, get it out of the ground with about 5 inches of root either side, and then plant it into bags in the shade and cut off the big leaves.
Victor told us he probably had some root shoots over at his 104 year old Grandmother’s property. We met her as she was relaxing in her chair and she greeted us. I spent then next while pondering about some of the things she might have seen in her century as we wondered off toward the river where we started to find root shoots. There weren’t many and it took an eagle eye to spot them.
bread fruit

finding the shoots under the mother tree was no easy feat

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 3.44.43 PM

We got them back to the greenhouse at Taino Farm and planted them in bags where they’ll remain until they begin to grow new leaves.  Young trees still prefer shade, so we’ll plant them next to a Pigeon pea or Moringa to provide them with shade as they grow. Pigeon pea and Moringa are also nitrogen fixing plants, which means that as the Bread Fruit tree grows, we will be able to chop and drop branches from these trees to mulch to earth around the new trees, give them nutrients and keep invasive grasses away.

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 3.45.09 PM

By using this method, our baby Bread Fruits should be bearing fruit in 3-5 years as apposed to 5-10 years if planted from seed.
Can’t wait to eat breadfruit pancakes in September 2016!