Now while most of my inspiration comes from the local staff, community and this region of the earth, today has a little different vibe. I say this because today we will talk about the hot sauces that we have been making over the past few days.

Now why isn’t this inspired by the local people and community you may ask??  Dont worry I had the same thought, but in actuality, while hot peppers grow relatively well in this climate, the Dominican people for the most part don’t like spicy food. Was an absolute shocker to me, but this is why we come to learn about other cultures to learn.

The hot sauces were actually inspired by our interns who missed having access to spicy side condiments for their food. So here is what we did.

Harvested habaneros, chives, garlic greens, thai chili and sweet peppers from our garden. Non harvested ingredients include sugar, vinegar, water and salt.

Basics to this version: roast all the veggies in the oven, puree all together (omit salt and sugar), place on the stove and simmer with the sugar and salt added.

We have been able to come up with many variations to this basic base included the darker bottle on the right, which is chipotle/rum hot sauce.

For exact recipes, questions, comments, or pictures of your own variations please email me at and always remember to be inspired in the kitchen!!!