As sweet as Taino’s fruit

What is one of the things we love most in life? Fruits!

The fruits are staples of humans since ancient history. Each country has its own diversity of fruits, but in this blog, I will write about  my favorite fruits from Taino Farm.

Pitahaya or Dragonfruit

The Cactus is native from Mexico, yet it is grown in Central America and Thailand.
Its flavor is sweet and you can eat the seeds too. There are three types of pitahayas, the  yellow shell, pink shell with white pulp and the red shell with red pulp.
If you come to the farm, I recommend you try them, since it’s delicious, and also helps your digestion process.
as sweet as tainos fruits pitahaya


In the Farm there are two types of mangosteen, I became addicted to the smallest one.
So addicted, that daily I take a little amouunt of them to eat it as a dessert. The most common mangosteen is the yellow one. You can get to see it almost all the year, unlike orange, which comes out more when there is rainy season.
What we eat from the mangosteen is the pulp inside. Each mangosteen tastes different, the orange one is sweeter and the yellow has a sour taste.

Starfruit or Carambola

How could we live without a daily carambola juice with the sun we have in the Dominican Republic?

 Memo (the horse) and me, enjoy a daily dose of carambola, it’s a very juicy fruit that helps us to be hydrated all the day.

If you come to a tour, you will try a delicious juice of our carambola. The more yellow the fruit, the sweeter it will be.



The Abío must be opened with a knife because it usually has a sticky substance inside the shell. We like to drink Abío’smilkshake, and the coolest thing about this is that you don’t need to add sugar, because this fruit is already sweet enough.

Litchi or Lychee

It is a small but delicious fruit from China, often compared to lemon green drops from the Dominican Republic, but its flavor is special.

On the outside it is small and has a light red rough shell and inside it has a white pulp with a seed in the middle.

If you want to try it, you should come on June to Taino Farm.


 Is Cacao a fruit?
Yes it is, and is one of the delicious one’s on the farm.
If you eat the raw seeds it will taste pretty sweet, but an amazing thing is that can give us chocolate.
What if we want to make chocolate?
Well then, we ferment the seeds and put them on a dryer machine for 5 days at least, roast the seeds and grind the grain and there we have Cocoa.
When we have the cocoa you just have to mix it with sugar and oil, it’s a long process but, you get a delicious chocolate from Taino Farm

Zapote chocolate

Speaking about chocolate, there is a delicious fruit native from Mexico and Central America,  it’s called as black zapote or chocolate zapote. What makes it special is its chocolate-like taste, a very sweet taste. So you don’t have to worry to make a chocolate, you just have to grab this fruit.


The Jackfruit is one of the fruits that I can’t forget to write about, its flavor is so delicious, that I think everyone should taste it.
The jackfruit’s pulp can be eaten raw or cooked as if it were meat, and the seeds can be eaten roasted.
The Jackfruit is native to Indonesia and Bangladesh but we already have it at Taino Farm, so you can come and try it.
How to identify it?
Easy, it is the largest fruit you will find on the farm (and in the world) and it’s shell is thick and has large spines.


Is the avocado a fruit too? Yes, avocado is a fruit, and very delicious one, by the way.
We can eat it in so many different ways, either in guacamole or even in a chocolate milkshake.
On the farm, you can eat it throughout the month of August, however,  you can start searching them from July. So be prepared to eat a lot of guacamole if you plan to come in the month of August.


I can’t end this blog without letting you know the most common fruit of the farm. We have banana fruits on the farm almost all year round, and Yoicairi, the tour chef, knows an incredible recipe with them, the banana bread.
In the Dominican Republic people cook the banana in different ways, it all depends on what type of banana you want to eat. On the farm there are at least 3 species of banana.
The most common banana is the long green one, it can be boiled with salt and we can eat it as a potatoe. Also, we can wait unitl they get ripen and the banana bread can be made.
The smallest specie of banana on the farm is the sweetest and can be eaten accompanied by more fruits or make a smoothie.
I would continue with my list of fruits of the farm, but it would never end.
I rather invite you to visit the farm, so you can explore and know everything we have at Taino Farm.
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