As we are always trying to re-purpose things here and find multiple uses, sustainability and all, I thought I would show you what I decided to do with leftover chicken. Now because I would never want to waste the life of an animal, yes its parts of the circle of life, today’s dish was re-purposed chicken.

Here I was literally pulling off scraps of chicken from the bones including all parts, tendons, cartilage, anything edible. Again my aim was to not waste a single scrap. Leftover bones became the base for a chicken stock that I can re-purpose in many other ways in the kitchen.

Inspiration for the dish started when a staff member showed me that you can dig up the root of a plant I had never seen and explained to me that we could cook it. I had never seen it before, but it turns out that it was Taro Root.  A tuber that grows at the base of a plant with wide broad leaves.

NOTE: when cooking with taro root always be sure to boil or cook thoroughly. It has high levels of calcium oxalate crystals (can cause kidney stones), and the crystals can cut up your tongue and throat leaving a tingling sensation.

Using this starchy root vegetable and the leftover chicken, mixed with other herbs and other vegetables available here on the farm I make this soup.

Now because I like to cook with fats, due to the immense flavor, this dish had all of the vegetables cooked in chicken fat that had risen to the top of the preserves stock from the previous day. You do not need to do this, I just did it as a treat for myself; I splurged on something unhealthy, shoot me haha.

This dish turned out great and was a huge success. If you modify your own version please get back to me with details I would love to hear about them.

For my full recipe please email me at and as always be inspired in the kitchen and don’t be afraid to tweak standard recipes to make them your own, unique.