Guess who got even more cucumbers from the harvest today?! This guy!! Luckily we are drawing to the end of the life span of the crop we have and will be turning the bed over to nitrogen fixers like white beans, but this mean we get to do another cucumber dish.

Now don’t pout, today’s dish is a twist on the light and summery Cucumber Soup!! Now while it may not be hot and sunny where you are right now, just place this blog in your back pocket and break it out for a summer picnic and surprise your friends with this cool and refreshing dish.

This dish is raw and vegan diet friendly, but will make others just as please.

Harvested every bit of this soup base from our garden at Taino Farm. We have Cucumbers, chives, garlic chives, sweet peppers, mint and sweet basil.

De-seed cucumbers and rough chop them along with the rest of the ingredients. Blend all together and let chill.  As a Taino twist we added a bit of coconut oil in the soup as well as drizzled some on top for that added sweetness.

Here is the final dish!!!

I hope you enjoy. A note should be added that while our version had both basil and mint, that you can very easily omit one or the other for a more singular flavor that accentuates just one herd at a time.

Let me know what you come up with. I would love to hear about twists, and I await your inspired creations.