Las Estrellas de Los Brazos, meaning the stars of los brazos in English is a community education project that got started a couple of months ago here at Taino Farms. We’ve been operating at a true grass roots level, working with what we have and striving to improve literacy in the community and dishing out some basic English education at the same time. We have found that by integrating ourselves into the daily lives of the neighborhood kids and giving back through a variety of projects spanning from environmental education to basic ABC lessons we have become an integral part of community life here in Los Brazos.

Community Education in teh Dominican Republic

Community education in the Dominican Republic

My little Stars are doing so well and the class has grown so much that I now have two levels – one for the beginners and the second one for the kids who are advancing and who are ready to be challenged a little more. We have also enlisted the help of a great assistant by the name of Madelin. She is the sister of one of the farm workers and she is currently studying English at school. She practices with me sometimes and also helps me teach the level one students the basics. Thanks Madelin we really appreciate all your help!
So here is the structure of our little community education project:
Level 1 – The younger kids and who are still learning abc’s, numbers, colors days of the week etc,
Level 2 – The slightly more advanced students. I am introducing them to basic reading, writing sentences, and using farm vocabulary words used from an observational walk to the river. They will eventually be expected to write a short story – a bit ambitious, but I know they can do it.  I will post a sample story next time!
Our educational facility is the space that we also use for other farm projects like making honey, starfruit wine, and cheese, it also doubles up as a tool storage and work area for the farm.

carrying a picnic table at Taino Farms

new table!

We don’t mind getting cozy and sharing the space, but we are always in need of a few supplies to keep our education project going. Coming up, we are looking for some lovely donors to help contribute the following:

  • Paint and painting materials
  • Arts and crafts materials (paper, scissors , art colors, beads)
  • Technology: (printer/copier, computers, projector, microscope …anything!)

I would like to turn this space into an environment that is stimulating to promote learning and advancement! To help out, contact us through the contact form below:
I would like to thank extreme hotel for donating an old picnic table which is awesome! With a little work it will be like new! Thanks Monica 🙂

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