Life on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic is pretty good. There is a little bit of everything for everyone here. The countryside is lush and the beaches are beautiful. I personally love going from our little tropical sustainable farm to the tourist haven of Cabarete. Here at the farm, we tend to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  It’s sort of like back to the basics – farm, harvest, read, learn, share meals and enjoy communal living. The stress level couldn’t be any lower, really. When need be, a quick trip across to the other side and we have it all; good waves, wind almost any given day, parties, fancy restaurants, tons of good people and loud noises.

It’s in our human nature to pick and choose what we enjoy in life.  Different people make for different lifestyles. I personally enjoy a balance in between these two environments and love observing how it affects my personal well-being and the people around me.

Me harvesting arugula

Me harvesting arugula

View from Extreme Hotel on a beautiful windy day. Only one person on the water.

View from Extreme Hotel on a beautiful windy day. Only one person on the water.









The other day as I came back to the farm after spending a few days at the Extreme Hotel on Kite Beach, Cabarete, I was doing some catching up on the farm life with our lovely and down to earth Farm Coordinator Rhianna. Rhi spends most of her time here at the farm because she truly enjoys every minute of it. It doesn’t mean that you won’t find her out occasionally dancing bachata till 4 in the morning, but the farm is where she calls home.


Kale seeds and Rhi watering the garden

People that have chosen the farm lifestyle are not by any mean different than others but let’s say that they do tend to enjoy different things in life …  As we were chatting about what needed to be done for the next few days all of a sudden Rhi got really excited and announced that we had just received brand new cow manure for our garden beds and food forest. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. It was adorable. Rhi was talking about cow poo the way some girls would talk about a new shoe collection or fancy handbags. Yup, the simple pleasures of life, I said. And then she laughed, not even realizing how excited she sounded speaking about this natural fertilizer.


Look at all that beautiful cow manure!

Times are good at the farm and so are the fruits of our labours.  Life breathes here in its most simple form. Every moment is perfect. Thanks for the reminder Rhi.

-written by J-S L’Heureux, farm/hotel intern